Random Sanity

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Sin City Horrors

There was once a girl, she worked with tons of Las Vegas Escorts who partied every night in Sin City. They loved to drink and go to the clubs, but what they didn't know.. Is that soon they would meet a Whale who would shower the Vegas Escorts in tons of money and gifts.

Soon the girls started to notice the whale was only coming out at night, and they soon found out why!

The man was a vampire, and was killing the girls one by one for their blood!!!!

The Lake Monster

There was a boy who lived on a lake, he loved to play around the shore. Soon he even started to explore the woods around the lake, but then one day he found something odd. The boy realized he found a baby alligator, soon he started to visit the gator everyday.

The boy grew to love the alligator, feeding and visiting him everyday by the lake. But then one day the boy called a Las Vegas upholstery shop to get his used boat for sale ready to hit the lake. The boy got his boat on the lake, but the gator was nowhere to be found. But then there was a noise, the THE GATOR ATE THE BOY!!!

Random Sanity Band

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